Upward Mobility

THE BAY AREA REGION: The Bay Area Young Men of Color Employment Partnership (BAYEP) offers a regional strategy to engage businesses in hiring and retaining young men of color (YMoC) by addressing the unique barriers this underrepresented pool of talent faces throughout their path to middle skills work. BAYEP convenes businesses, community based organizations, on-the-ground training providers, researchers, and systems change advocates to create a broad continuum of support for both the individual and the engaged company. The BAYEP model focuses on meeting current and future workforce needs, while building middle-skill career pathways within companies to move YMoC up from initial entry level jobs. BAYEP moves the needle by working directly with employers to identify, address, and bridge talent needs; shift business practices and perceptions to hire, retain and grow YMoC talent; and elevate employer champions who understand that hiring YMoC talent is more than just social responsibility, but is also a business imperative.