Sacramento Region

Valley Vision

In 1994 a group of community leaders formed an organization to improve the regional landscape of the six county Sacramento Capital Region. Ever since, Valley Vision, together with regional leaders and collaborators, has engaged in hundreds of highly complex social issues that involve large numbers of community leaders, oftentimes with different agendas. In this way, Valley Vision exercises collective impact leadership to achieve breakthrough solutions that bring about long-term health and sustainability in the areas of environment, economy and social equity. Our work spans nearly every major social or policy issue—things like food security, education attainment, water reliability, digital literacy, health access, climate implications, business resiliency, air quality, mobility, and more. It’s by crossing boundaries and enlisting the expertise and influence of community leaders that Valley Vision activates the regional engagement necessary to affect transformative change on these large-scale challenges in a way that no other single organization is capable of tackling. But in all we do, our sights are on a single goal: To improve our region for the generations to come.

“Improving social equity, economy and vitality of the region can’t be done without the support of partners in the state.”