North State


3CORE, Inc. is the federally designated Economic Development District for Butte, Glenn and Tehama counties and the nine cities and Town within. 3CORE is an intermediary focusing public and private investments that foster a stable and diversified local economy to improve social, economic, and employment conditions in the Tri County region. 3CORE’s mission is cultivating healthy businesses, because people matter. We do this by acting as a convener, connector and financial intermediary.

“The work of the California Stewardship Network shows that thoughtful collaboration and creativity are the keys to creating an equitable and prosperous economy that takes into account our differences and builds upon our strengths.” -Chelsea Irvine, Community Resource Manager

CSU Chico – North State Planning and Development Collective

California State University, Chico’s North State Planning and Development Collective is the lead agency for the Center for Economic Development (CED – established in 1986), the Geographical Information Center (GIC – established in 1988) and the Northeastern and Upstate California Connect Broadband Consortia. The agency provides services and resources to the region’s businesses, governments, and residents by pairing GIS mapping services and broadband infrastructure support with economic development research, surveying, analysis, planning and implementation throughout the state of California.

“The North State Planning and Development Collective at CSU, Chico values the opportunity provided by the CSN Network to integrate our rural counties of the North State into a partnership that builds capacity, leverages resources and taps into the expertise offered to create a robust statewide strategy moving forward.” -Jason Schwenkler, Executive Director