San Joaquin Valley

Fresno Business Council

The Fresno Business Council has evolved from a traditional business civic group into a community stewardship organization. We tackle complex, chronic challenges requiring the multidimensional skills of a CEO. The members apply their entrepreneurial acumen to community problems and build networks to leverage resources across sectors. As civic entrepreneurs, the members have embraced the responsibilities of citizenship and applied their highest-level skills in the service of their community. Committed to acting in accordance with the ten Community Values, our contract for behavior in the civic sector, members have earned the trust necessary to work effectively with leaders in other sectors and the emerging leaders of younger generations. Sustainability of a stewardship approach is a priority focus as the organization moves past its 20th year.

“CSN offers a way to unite the regions of California empowering us to address intractable issues and build upon the unique and extraordinary strengths of our great state.” -Deb Nankivell, CEO