Bay Area

Bay Area Council

The Bay Area Council has been at the intersection of business and civic leadership, shaping the future of the Bay Area since 1945. Today, the Bay Area Council is focused on ensuring the Bay Area is the best place to live and work. The Bay Area Council welcomes business leaders committed to working with public and community leaders to keep the Bay Area the most innovative, globally competitive, inclusive and sustainable region in the world.

“The California Stewardship Network is the premier gathering of regional leaders from across California working together on the state’s most pressing issues.”

North Bay Leadership Council

Thirty years ago, business leaders founded the North Bay Leadership Council on a simple premise: We can accomplish more by working together. Today, the Council includes over 50 select employers in the region. Our members represent a wide variety of businesses, non-profits and educational institutions, with a collective workforce in excess of 25,000. North Bay Leadership Council is an employer-led public policy advocacy organization committed to providing leadership in ways to make the North Bay sustainable, prosperous and innovative. As business and civic leaders, our goal is to ensure economic health by promoting better education, infrastructure, and governance to make our region a better place to live and work for all.

“As we enter this great time of uncertainty because of the pandemic and resulting economic recession, one certainty is that this turmoil has revealed great inequities in our state for many people who were struggling before this turmoil. We have a unique opportunity to use this pandemic as a way to reset our economy so that it works for more equitably and allows for people to thrive, not survive. It will take a collective response to take us to the next normal and NBLC looks forward to working with the other regions to create a stronger, more inclusive and connected statewide economic ecosystem.” -Cynthia L. Murray, President & CEO

Sonoma County Economic Development Board

The Sonoma County Economic Development Board (EDB) is focused on growing a healthy economy by helping Sonoma County businesses and collaborating with community partners. The EDB Team brings together the knowledge, resources, services, connections, information, and inspiration to move Sonoma County forward.

EDB assists businesses in:

  • Navigating the startup process
  • Troubleshooting business challenges to get businesses to the next level
  • Connecting businesses with key contacts, resources, financing and training opportunities
  • Collaborating on issues affecting Sonoma County regional economy

“I think the advantage of being a member of CSN is connecting with other economic development partners across the greater Bay Region and entire state. Given all that California has been through, it is critically important to stay connected to our peers, lean on one another, and leverage our collected knowledge for creative problem solving and innovation. CSN fosters this regional approach to creating a healthy and balanced California economy.” -Sheba Person-Whitley, Executive Director