Promising Practices

Food and Agriculture

SACRAMENTO REGION: The Sacramento Region Food System Action Plan creates the common framework needed for multiple, diverse stakeholders to transform our regional ... more

Convening Public/Private/Community

SACRAMENTO REGION: Since 1994 Valley Vision has strengthened communities through research, collaboration and leadership. It is a social enterprise focused on ... more

Workforce Talent Development

SONOMA REGION: The Sonoma County Economic Development Board (EDB) provides assistance services encouraging the startup, retention and expansion of Sonoma County ... more

Workforce Talent Development

SACRAMENTO REGION: Scholarship Sacramento, a project of Valley Vision, addresses the academic achievement gap by providing scholarship information and capacity ... more

Economic Development

SONOMA COUNTY: The Next Economy Project (NExT) ​helps prepare Sonoma County​ for​ coming trends​ that​​ will affect its economy in the next ten years ... more

Mobilizing Capital

BUTTE REGION: To maximize investment in the local economy, how we pool and invest local money creates the financial and social return on investment. That may mean a ... more

Youth Development

VENTURA REGION: There is an economic impact to early childhood education. Children who start kindergarten less prepared than their peers tend to stay behind in ... more

Community Building

FRESNO REGION: In 1993, crime was escalating in the Fresno community, and economic and social indicators were dropping. In response, a small group of business ... more

Community Building

BUTTE REGION: A pilot program is being developed within the Chico Public School District that scales a successful citizen-led partnership with the District to ... more

Community Building

SAN DIEGO REGION: By 2050 the regional population is expected to grow by 50% to 4.5 million people, and the impact to business, the community, and the environment ... more