Ode to CSN

An Ode to The California Stewardship Network

– by Richard A. Johanson 6/18/14

How easy it is to watch them pass by
They look just the same as do you and I.
They’re usually absorbed in what can be done
In helping California become better for everyone.

 They seek no glory as they give of their skills
They seek no dominance by imposing their wills.
Their purpose in life is quite simply to share
Their heart-felt compassion of a commitment to care.

 The challenges are many and the pathways are new
But road signs abound telling them what they can do.
They are the seekers and leaders of new ways to create
A stewardship platform throughout this great state

 So, here’s a toast to those Stewards who are showing us the way
To a better future awaiting us than we are a part of today.
May they continue to inspire us as we follow their lead
And savor the fruits of tomorrow because they planted the seed